SNGPL Bill Payment Online – Pay Bill via Mobile App or Credit Card

If the due date for your SNGPL bill is today and you’re worried about being late, especially in the summer heat, don’t worry. There’s no need to go outside or visit a bank. You can easily make sngpl bill payments online through various apps, right from the comfort of your home.

In today’s fast-paced world, paying your gas bills has become incredibly convenient with the advent of online payment options. Therefore, you can pay your sui gas bills through banks, Easypaisa app, mobile apps, or the official website. However, for those unfamiliar with the process, here’s a simple guide to paying your SNGPL bill online in 2024.

SNGPL Bill Payment

Let’s walk through the steps to make your gas bill payment seamlessly via online banking, internet services, or mobile accounts, all in just one step.

SNGPL Bill Payment Online

Paying your SNGPL bill has never been easier with multiple convenient options now available. You can choose from a variety of methods for Sui Northern Gas bill duplicate payments.

  • Mobile Banking: Use your bank’s mobile app to make quick and easy payments from your smartphone.
  • Internet Banking: You can pay your bill securely through your bank’s online portal.
  • SNGPL Mobile Application: Download the SNGPL app and pay directly from your phone.
  • Branchless Banking Applications: Utilize services like Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, and U-Account for seamless transactions.
  • ATMs: Visit any ATM to pay your bill with ease.
  • NADRA Kiosks: Make payments at any NADRA kiosk located nationwide.

Pay Your SNGPL through Mobile App

You can now pay your SNGPL bill through the mobile app easily to manage your payments. With the convenience of your smartphone, you can settle your bill anytime, anywhere. Simply download the SNGPL mobile app from your app store, and register using your account details.

Once logged in, navigate to the bill payment section, enter your consumer number, and select your preferred payment method. Confirm the amount and complete the transaction. Within minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation of your payment, making the entire process smooth and efficient without the need to visit a bank or payment center.

Pay SNGPL Bill via the National Bank of Pakistan

Paying your SNGPL bill through the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is simple and convenient, ensuring your payments are processed promptly. Here’s how to pay online Sui gas bill through NBP:

  • Steps 1 – You can pay your SNGPL bill by visiting any National Bank of Pakistan branch. Simply bring your bill along, and the bank staff will assist you with the payment process.
  • Step 2 – If you prefer to pay online, log in to NBP’s internet banking portal with your credentials.
  • Step 3 – Once logged in, go to the bill payment section on the online banking dashboard.
  • Step 4 – From the list of billers, choose SNGPL.
  • Step 5 – Input your unique SNGPL consumer number found on your bill.
  • Step 6 – Review the payment details, confirm the amount, and proceed with the payment.
  • Step 7 – After completing the transaction, you will receive a confirmation message or receipt indicating that your payment was successful.

Sngpl Bill Payment through Credit Card

Paying your SNGPL bill using a credit card is a convenient and secure method that saves you time and effort. By leveraging the online platforms provided by your bank or the SNGPL website, you can easily settle your bill from the comfort of your home.

  • Access your bank’s online banking portal or mobile app using your credentials.
  • Find the option for bill payments, typically listed under services or payments.
  • Now, choose SNGPL from the list of available billers.
  • Input your unique SNGPL consumer number as indicated on your bill.
  • Select your credit card from the payment options.
  • Verify the amount to be paid and confirm the transaction.
  • Follow the prompts to authorize the payment. You may need to enter a one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation message, ensuring your bill has been paid successfully.

Pay Sui Northern Gas Bill Online Through Easypasia

  • Ensure you have the Easypaisa app installed on your smartphone.
  • Open the app and log in with your credentials. If you are a new user, sign up by following the on-screen instructions.
  • On the app’s main screen, select the ‘Bill Payments’ option.
  • From the list of utility options, select ‘Gas.’
  • Choose Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) from the list of gas providers.
  • Input your unique consumer number found on your SNGPL bill.
  • The app will retrieve your bill details. Verify the information to ensure it is correct.
  • Confirm the amount and press the ‘Pay’ button to complete the transaction. You may need to enter your Easypaisa PIN or use biometric verification for security.
  • Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation message within the app and via SMS, indicating that your bill has been successfully paid.

Through the above steps you will all done by paying Sui Northern Gas bill online through easypasia.

SNGPL Online Bill Pay via ATM

SNGPL bill via an ATM is a convenient option that allows you to handle your payments efficiently without needing to visit a bank branch or stand in long queues. In addition to SNGPL bill payments, you can also pay bills for LESCO, FESCO, IESCO, HESCO, QESCO, and many other utilities using your ATM. This comprehensive service makes ATMs a versatile and time-saving solution for handling various utility payments.

  • Visit any ATM that supports bill payment services.
  • Insert your bank debit card into the ATM and enter your PIN to access your account.
  • From the main menu, select the option for ‘Bill Payments’ or ‘Payments’.
  • Select ‘Utility Bills‘ from the available options.
  • Choose ‘Gas‘ as the utility type and then select ‘SNGPL’ (Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited) as the specific service provider as the specific service provider.
  • Input your unique SNGPL consumer number, which is found on your gas bill.
  • The ATM will display your bill details, including the amount due. Verify the information to ensure it is correct.
  • Confirm the payment amount and authorize the transaction. The ATM will process your payment.
  • After the payment is successful, the ATM will print a receipt. Keep this receipt as proof of your payment.


What other payment methods are available through the SNGPL mobile app?

The SNGPL mobile app allows you to pay your bill using various methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and online banking transfers.

 How do I know if my payment was successful?

After completing your payment, you will receive a confirmation message within the app and an SMS notification. Additionally, you can check your payment history in the app to verify the transaction.

What information do I need to pay my SNGPL bill online or via the app?

To pay your SNGPL bill online or via the app, you will need your unique consumer number found on your bill, your payment method details (credit card, debit card, etc.), and access to your online banking or mobile payment app.

Can I schedule recurring payments for my SNGPL bill?

Many banks and mobile payment apps offer the option to schedule recurring payments. Check with your bank or the SNGPL mobile app to set up automatic bill payments to avoid missing due dates.

What should I do if my payment is not reflected on my account?

If your payment is not reflected on your account, contact SNGPL customer service or your bank’s customer support.

How can I pay my SNGPL bill using a credit card?

You can pay your SNGPL bill using a credit card through your bank’s internet banking portal or mobile app. Log in to your account, navigate to the bill payment section, select SNGPL as the biller, enter your consumer number, choose credit card as the payment method, and confirm the payment.